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Repeater Controller Support

Welcome to the RLC Support Wiki!

This wiki contains lots of information about the RLC repeater controllers: manuals, firmware updates, programming examples, etc. If you want to fix an error or want to add something to this site, you can. Just click on the "Edit" tab at the top of the page. For more information, see Help:Editing.

Major Topics RLC Controllers Discontinued Controllers
Repeater Controller FAQs RLC-1 RLC-2
Repeater Controller Troubleshooting RLC-1 Plus RLC-3
Repeater Controller Interfacing RLC-4 RLC-5
Repeater Controller Programming RLC-Club RLC-6
Programming Using a Computer RLC-DSP404 RLC-ANG
Remote Bases

Navigation Tips:

  • Allpages - Often the easiest way to find what you are looking for. Once there, you can search the page titles using your browser's find function (usually in the Edit menu, or try pressing CTRL-F).
  • Search - There is a search function available in the left sidebar. It can be used to search the contents as well as the titles of each page. Note that it requires the search term to be at least four characters long.
  • RLC Units - Has links to information for both current and discontinued RLC products.

Other Links:

  • RLC Controllers Homepage - The best source for product specs, pictures, prices, and Link's other product lines (beside repeater controllers).
  • Mailing Lists - join a mailing list to ask questions, share ideas, etc.

Wiki News

Due to recent vandalism, we have had to restrict editing of at least some pages. Please contact us with your desired account name and password if you would like to edit something or add new pages and we will create an account for you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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